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Please indicate below (in whole numbers) the number of each of the following types of content you intend to COMPLETE as part of this challenge. For a piece of content to be considered complete it should be published and available for consumption by the target audience. 

The target audience may be your ideal customer (e.g. a blog post or eBook download that you will use to attract your ideal customer) or it could also be your current customers (e.g. a video for use within your private membership community).

Please set goals that are going to be a challenge, but at the same time should be achievable if you put the work in. 

Any form of written online article published on any website
Any form of video content, such as YouTube, Facebook Live, Stories, Reels, IGTV, TikTok (videos repurposed on multiple platforms only count as one content piece)
Any audio content recorded for the purpose of distribution via a podcast app, whether that be yours or someone else's podcasts
Individual images or gifs created for publishing on social media (images repurposed on multiple platforms only count as one content piece and images to accompany blog posts, eBooks, videos or podcasts are not included), this may include social media artwork such as cover images and profile pics
Any eBooks or similar documents that are being used as a lead generation resource
Any Clubhouse Rooms that you set up, where you are Moderating the discussion, and the discussion includes positioning your expertise and/or products/services
Any other content you intend to create that you feel might be relevant to this challenge