2019 Schedule

Day 1 – 10 October: Conference: Expert Presentations from a stellar line-up of digital marketing experts

Day 2 – 11 October: Workshops: Practical Workshops enabling you to work with our digital marketing experts to implement what you learn immediately to produce results

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Wednesday 9 October 2019



Pre-Conference Networking Event


Thursday 10 October 2019





 Tea and coffee available



Welcome to Click Engage Convert

Suze Chadwick & Loren Bartley



Opening Keynote – How to Convert your Business into a Craveable Brand

Jessika Phillips – Relationship Marketing Expert

Are you emotionally connecting with your audience and creating the triggers that will have your audience craving your brand?

In this presentation, Jessika Phillips will demonstrate how to use relationship marketing techniques to turn your online followers into raving fans, clients into advocates and community into collaborators to help drive business growth.




Conversion copywriting: How to sell without being sleazy

Kate Toon – SEO & Copywriting Expert

Most small businesses fail within their first five years because of lack of sales. So how do you survive?

You know your product or service is awesome. But how do you let your potential customers know without sounding like a slimy salesperson?

In this presentation, Kate Toon will take you through the secrets of conversational selling: how to climb inside your customers mind and make them kick off their shoes, fall in love with you and buy your stuff.

From empathy, emotion and focus to conversation, copywriting formulas and convincing calls to action, Kate will give you a stack of tried and tested tactics that will turn your slovenly sales pages into sleek selling machines.



Morning Tea



Social Enterprise

Fitted For Work



Why Aren’t My Facebook Ads Working?

Sasha Peakall – Facebook Ad Strategist

Not getting the ROI from your Facebook Ads that you expected?

In this presentation, Sasha Peakall will step you through the significant changes that have occurred in Facebook Ads over the past 12 months and the adjustments you need to make to your Facebook Advertising strategy, targeting and ad creative as a result. But more importantly, Sasha will identify which metrics you need to keep an eye on, how to benchmark your ad performance and how to use your Facebook Ad metrics to troubleshoot so that you can work out which campaign elements you need to tweak to achieve better results.  



You don’t need more leads, you need Smart Client Management

Jeremiah O. Sarkett – Email Marketing Automation Specialist

Is your business leaking leads, sales and revenue? 

In this presentation, Jeremiah Sarkett will show you how to better organise and personalise your leads so that they don’t slip through the cracks. He will provide examples of how to create a frictionless sales experience that converts more leads into clients and share some simple strategies for getting reviews & referrals on auto-pilot. 




Automate to Activate, Accelerate & Amplify Business Growth 

Loren Bartley – Digital Marketing Strategist

Digital marketing is not something you can set and forget. Or is it? 

In this quick fire presentation, Loren will identify how to reduce or eliminate some of the time consuming busy work that often comes with digital marketing. Loren will introduce you to high impact tools, workflows and digital marketing automations that can take care of those “busy” tasks and put them on auto-pilot instead. She will share with you her top automation tips for increasing your productivity and freeing you up so you can spend more time working on those elements of your business that require your unique expertise. 






Creating Quality Video Quickly 

Ben Amos – Video Strategist

Do you find that you are not creating enough video because it’s just too hard or you don’t have the time? 

In this presentation, Ben Amos will guide you through the tools and techniques that will allow you to create highly engaging videos using just your Smartphone and a few easy to use apps. Be ready for a massive improvement in the quality of your videos, as well as the speed of your video creation process.



The Truth About Webinars: What works. What Doesn’t. What to Expect.

Omar Zenhom – Co-Founder & CEO of WebinarNinja

Trying to decide if webinars are right for your business? Should you do a live webinar, evergreen webinar or will you get a similar result if you just did a Facebook Live? 

In this presentation Omar Zenhom will step you through what is working and what isn’t when it comes to live webinars, evergreen webinar and other live streaming options TODAY, which is vastly different to what was working 12 months ago. He will also share with you realistic expectations when it comes to promotional costs, show up rates and likely conversions, so that you can better budget and plan for your next (or first) webinar. He is also going to share with you some interesting examples of businesses that you would never expect to be doing webinars that are achieving amazing results – and why!



Panel Discussion: Artificial Intelligence and How It’s Changing Marketing

Omar Zenhom, Kate Toon, Steve Vellas & Dan Pinne



Afternoon Tea



How To Be Seen On More Podcasts

Nicole Baldinu – Producer of The $100 MBA

Wondering how you can benefit from podcasts in your business (other than just listening to business podcasts)?

In this presentation, Nicole Baldinu, producer of The $100 MBA Show, which is ranked as a top business podcast in over 30 countries, with over 100 million downloads and over 1,300 episodes, will give you first hand advice on how to get on a podcast as a guest, sponsor or even by launching your own. Do it right and the benefits of any of these options could be game changing for you business. Nicole will explain why and share her top tips that will help you get seen on more podcasts.  



Digital Marketing Wrap!

James Tuckerman – B2B Sales & Marketing Expert

Don’t you just hate it when you leave a conference with loads of amazing ideas, but no real clear plan on where to start or how it should all link together? We’ve got you covered. 

In this presentation, James Tuckerman will map out a framework that will provide you with an understanding of how all the strategies, tactics and tools you have learnt throughout the day can link together and lead to conversions for both businesses that sell online and offline. 



Closing Remarks

Loren Bartley



Networking Function

We’ll be having networking drinks and nibbles after the event.


Approx. 6pm

Closing Keynote – New Tools, New Rules, New Life!

Steve Sammartino – Futurist & Digital Disruptor

Australia’s leading futurists, Steve Sammartino, will deliver the Closing Keynote over drinks at our evening Networking Function. 

Steve will map out what the future is going to look like with the new tools we will have at our disposal. He will talk about the new rules that are likely to come into play and give you a glimpse into the new life you will be living as a result. Plus of course he will be giving you the heads up on what you should be doing NOW to ensure you are ready to capitalise on this as a digital marketer.

Friday 11 October 2019

Facebook Messenger Bot Building

Want to build a bot? Here’s your opportunity!

By the end of this four workshop series, you will leave with a fully operational lead and sales generating Facebook Messenger bot for your business. 

These workshops will provide you with a full days access to digital marketing experts to help grow your knowledge beyond just bot building.

Don’t want to build a bot? That’s cool too! You can use the session and expert teachings to create a regular social media campaign, and still come away with a fully functioning campaign that includes persuasive copy, video and imagery.

NOTE: You will be required to do some pre-workshop setup. Instructions will be sent to your prior to Click Engage Convert. 




Tea and coffee available



Building Your Bot

Dan Pinne & Loren Bartley

Dan Pinne will hold your hand and step you through creating your very own Facebook Messenger Chatbot for your business.



Giving Your Bot A Voice

Kate Toon & Dan Pinne

Once the structure is in place you can then focus your attention on crafting your copy to create character, conversations and conversions. 



Bringing Your Bot To Life

Ben Amos, Fiona Lucas & Jill Taylor

Now it’s time to create some personality! In this practical workshop you will use simple smartphone tools to create images, gifs and video content that brings your bot to life.



Promoting Your Bot

Loren Bartley, Sasha Peakall & Dan Pinne

To finish up, we will help you setup a Facebook Ads to unleash your bot the world and start generating more leads and sales for your business.

NOTE: The schedule is current as of this point in time. We reserve the right to change the speakers, topics and session times (if required) in order to make the event even more brilliant!

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