2019 Speakers

We have an awesome lineup of speakers for Click Engage Convert 2019

Our enthusiastic, passionate and inspiring digital marketing educators will deep-dive into their topic of expertise and share with you what you need to do to put the foundations in place to achieve success with your digital marketing in 2020 and beyond. 

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Steve Sammartino

Futurist & Digital Disruptor, SteveSammartino.com

Steve Sammartino is renowned as one of Australia’s leading futurists. He has launched multiple successful technology startups, including one of the first “Sharing Economy” startups – Rentoid, that he had a successful exit from.

He is a global thought leader and authority on disruption and the author of two books, “The Great Fragmentation – Why the future of business is so small” and “The Lessons That School Forgot – How to hack your way through technology”.

Steve provides expert commentary on emerging technology on Australian TV and news. He has a sharp focus on its impact on business and society. He’s the guy who always knows what’s happening, what’s next and how it will change our world. He know’s how to express big and sometime complex ideas in language everyone can understand.

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Loren Bartley

Digital Marketing Strategist, Impactiv8

Loren Bartley is as a social media strategist, Facebook Ads specialist, speaker and co-host and producer of the top-rated podcast #BusinessAddicts. Loren is the founder of Impactiv8, a digital marketing agency in Australia that helps businesses strategically invest in proven social media strategies that will attract, nurture and convert their ideal customers through training and strategic “done for you” digital marketing services.

Omar Zenhom

Co-Founder & CEO, WebinarNinja & Host, The $100 MBA

Omar Zenhom is the co-founder and CEO of WebinarNinja. Founded in 2014, over a million people have attended a webinar with WebinarNinja.

Omar is also is the host of the iTunes Best of 2014 podcast, The $100 MBA Show. With over 100 million downloads and over 1,300 episodes, The $100 MBA Show is ranked as a top business podcast in over 30 countries.

Omar has been featured as a top speaker, podcaster and entrepreneur in Forbes, INC., Fast Company, Entrepreneur and Foundr.

Jessika Phillips

Relationship Marketing Expert,  JessikaPhillips.com

Jessika Phillips is on a mission to make relationships the forefront of business marketing. She’s known for this outspoken dedication to Relationship Marketing. As a social media strategist, Jessika founded NOW Marketing Group in 2010 with only a laptop and a vision. The company is now a Forbes recognised Agency Partner and a certified inbound Gold partner with Hubspot. NOW Marketing Group works with more than 100 clients across the globe, choosing to serve – not sell. As a relationship marketing evangelist, Jessika also founded The Relationship Marketing System, a membership site that provides curriculum to help businesses grow. 

James Tuckerman

B2B Sales & Marketing Expert, B2B School

James Tuckerman is the founder of Anthill Magazine and co-founder of the B2B School. Over 15 years, he has amassed a global network of followers and clients thanks to his irreverent coaching style and an uncanny ability to predict change and quickly adapt. By combining ‘soft’ skills and ‘hard’ online tactics, James helps business owners who sell a complex product or service get more leads and close more clients, in situations where the deal USUALLy requires a conversation and is almost NEVER concluded online. Yup, he’s an OFFLINE digital marketing specialist. Whaaa!?

Kate Toon

SEO & Copywriting Expert, KateToon.com

Kate Toon is an award-winning SEO copywriter and SEO consultant with almost two decades of experience in all things advertising, digital and writing. Kate has worked with big brands such as eHarmony, Curash and Kmart and has helped countless small businesses produce great content and improve their copywriting and SEO. Kate is also the founder of The Clever Copywriting School and The Recipe for SEO Success eCourse, as well as an author and podcaster.

Ben Amos

Video Strategist, Innovate Media

Ben Amos is a passionate online video strategist, entrepreneur, video producer, speaker and educator connecting businesses with their ideal audiences through effective online video marketing. He is the Owner and Creative Director of Innovate Media, an online video strategy and production agency based out of the Sunshine Coast, Australia. Ben believes that effective online video content has strategy at its core and he is on a mission to help other creatives, marketers, entrepreneurs and video producers better understand how to attract, engage and convert audiences online with video.

Nicole Baldinu

Producer, The $100 MBA & Co-Founder & COO, WebinarNinja

Nicole Baldinu is the producer of The $100 MBA Show podcast, an iTunes Best of 2014 podcast. The $100 MBA Show has over 100 million downloads with over 1,300 episodes, and is ranked a top business podcast in over 30 countries.

Nicole is also the co-founder and COO of WebinarNinja. Founded in 2014, over a million people have attended a webinar with WebinarNinja.


Jeremiah O. Sarkett

Email Marketing Automation Specialist, Keap

Jeremiah Sarkett is an email marketing automation and sales specialist who has helped over 3,000 small businesses to automate and grow using the Infusionsoft/Keap platform. He built a sales methodology that is used by Keap and Keap’s global partners called Selling to Serve, and has personally grown numerous businesses and partners to multi-million dollar levels. Jeremiah is someone that embraces life and the challenges it brings – he faces these challenges with optimism while assisting others.

Sasha Peakall

Facebook Ads Manager, Impactiv8

Sasha Peakall is a Facebook Ads, sales funnel and conversion optimisation specialist, working daily with clients to generate more leads and sales for their businesses.

Steve Vallas

Blockchain, DLT, Cryptocurrency & Digital Strategy

Steve is a qualified lawyer, blockchain technology and digital strategist. Steve’s early-adoption of social channels combined with his lifelong study of economics and new tech has evolved into a deep and unique understanding of emerging blockchain technology and its impact across industries.


Dan Pinne

Messenger Marketer & Facebook Ads Specialist, Organik Digital

Dan Pinne is the Founder of Organik Digital, created to show businesses how to engage and convert their customers through Facebook.

Dan specialises in Facebook Ads for eCommerce businesses and has worked with businesses of all sizes and knows what challenges they face and how to provide solutions that speak to those pain points. Dan has been achieving some great success lately for his clients using Messenger Marketing.

Suzanne Chadwick

Master of Ceremonies

Suz Chadwick is a biz coach and brand consultant that takes brands from basic biscuits to amazing ‘got to have’ goodness. As the founder of The Connection Exchange, the creator of the Brand Builders Academy and Brand Builders Lab podcast, Suz works with small businesses to help them ‘THINK BIGGER’, PLAY BIGGER and BRAND BOLDER. Partnering with both small and large businesses, she finds their wow factor, supports them to build brands with clear and powerful messages that connects with their audience and helps her clients to standout and make their business the exception, rather than the rule.

Jill Taylor

Digital Strategy Manager, Impactiv8

Jill Taylor has 18 years of sales and marketing experience across multiple industries, including health and fitness, telecommunications, fashion and tech. She is also a successful entrepreneur and self-confessed nerd who is obsessed with learning. Well versed in both traditional and digital marketing strategies, Jill combines her significant experience with her passion for helping others to succeed in business and in life.


Fiona Lucas

Social Media & Online Community Strategist & Cybersafety Specialist, iRespectOnline

Fiona Lucas works with business owners and individuals to harness the power of social media, demystify technology, breakdown barriers, champion respect and inspire social media wellbeing. Fiona is the author of the book “Futureproof Your Kids” and holds the Facebook Blueprint Digital Marketing Associate qualification. Fiona is also a community development strategist for wave.video and part of the Social Media Marketing World virtual community management team.

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