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Christeen Jacobs is a Click Engage Convert Academy Superstar Converter! She runs Sew n Sew sewing school, a business that teaches people to sew both in person and online, from beginner level through to intermediate. She also offers a specialised pattern making course and a course for children to learn to sew, plus products to support the sewing journey.

She has been chosen as a Superstar Converter because she attends live events and masterclasses as much as she can and applies the learning to her business. We have watched her blossom as a member and are so proud of her growth.

Since joining the Academy, she has been able to realise her dream of moving her business model to be more online and less face to face.

One of her biggest wins has also been able to rely less on paying others to maintain her online presence and manage her digital marketing, as she has learned to perform many tasks herself.


Sew n Sew Sewing School

What do you enjoy most about running your own business?
The incredible sense of fulfilment that comes from sharing my passion for sewing with others. I get immense joy from witnessing my students’ progress, creativity, and confidence as they learn to create beautiful pieces through my courses.

What was your biggest digital marketing challenge prior to joining Click Engage Convert Academy?
Before joining the Academy I was challenged in all areas of the digital world. I relied on paying people to do everything. The Academy has allowed me to learn new skills and keep up with the constant changes in technology.

What digital marketing challenges does being a member of the Academy solve for you and your business?
Even though I have learned so much being part of the Academy, the digital world is constantly changing. Being part of the Academy I am able to seek help when I become overwhelmed or need to upskill to keep up.

What’s your greatest digital marketing win since joining the Academy?
Being able to fulfill my dream of having my Sewing Courses as an online business. Understanding how to market my business through the knowledge that all of the Academy experts have given me.

What would you say to someone who is considering joining the Academy?
I was hesitant to join because I had been part of other groups that really didn’t solve the issues that I had with learning in the digital world. But the support and training that I get from the Academy is invaluable.


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