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Joanne Ivy is a Click Engage Convert Academy Superstar Converter! Joanne operates Cranberry Beads, located in Mentone, Victoria, which also includes an online store. Joanne turned her lifelong love of beading into a career, and also teaches workshops and offers a bead weaving membership where people learn together. 

She has been chosen as a Superstar Converter because she regularly attends live events and masterclasses, implements what she learns, and has a special knack for working out her own tech. Since joining the Academy, she has seen more consistency in her lead generation, and has overhauled her email marketing system, among many other things!


Cranberry Beads

What do you enjoy most about running your own business?
I love the products I sell and enjoy seeing people get joy from creating something that they love.

What was your biggest digital marketing challenge prior to joining Click Engage Convert Academy?
I found Facebook Ads to be complex and I was having issues getting them to convert, spending money without getting the results I wanted.

What digital marketing challenges does being a member of the Academy solve for you and your business?
There are so many, I’m not sure where to start! It was great to realise at the start that you need all your ducks in a row, and there’s not much point in having one part of your marketing working well while the other parts aren’t. I learned how to make the customer experience smooth and effective from end to end, and I am finally getting consistent new leads in to my business and my automations are saving so much time.

What’s your greatest digital marketing win since joining the Academy?
I migrated my email system and set up lots of automations. I now email much more often and have better stats to show for it. There have also been so many other small incremental improvements over time. I’ve learnt that it can’t all be done at once, but I aim for continual improvements.

What would you say to someone who is considering joining the Academy?
You will receive access to a great team of experts on hand to guide and advise. When you join, do your best to attend the live sessions, as you get to hear about other businesses too, and I find this encourages me to take action and get better results.


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