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Sandi Givens is a Click Engage Convert Academy Superstar Converter! She is the Director of Psychological Safety Works, a business that provides vital education and workshops to assist businesses to look after the psychological (mental) safety of their employees. She has been chosen as a Superstar Converter because she regularly attends live events and masterclasses, and implements what she learns.

Since joining the Academy, her sense of overwhelm has dramatically reduced, which she credits to the patience of the experts. Her biggest win is finally knowing how to find and market to her audience online.

She believes the cost of the membership is a ‘relatively small investment for an amazingly large potential gain – mentally, emotionally, practically and financially!’


Psychological Safety Works

What do you enjoy most about running your own business?
I love knowing I can deliver quality services to my clients that guarantee to deliver a positive impact on their bottom line – and improve the well-being of everyone in the organisation.

What was your biggest digital marketing challenge prior to joining Click Engage Convert Academy?
Overwhelm – confusion about where to start – not understanding the changes in technology well enough to make informed decisions about the best way forward for my business.

What digital marketing challenges does being a member of the Academy solve for you and your business?
My sense of overwhelm is dramatically reduced, thanks to the extremely knowledgeable and professional staff within the Academy. Each and every one of them seems to have buckets of patience in explaining things to the non-technological folks (like me!)

What’s your greatest digital marketing win since joining the Academy?
After many, many years of using LinkedIn, thanks to the learning and help I’ve received, I am now actually connecting to the people I need and want to in my business.

What would you say to someone who is considering joining the Academy?
Despite my initial hesitation to join, I can wholeheartedly endorse the Academy to anyone who wants to simplify their journey through the digital marketing maze. It’s a relatively small investment for an amazingly large potential gain – mentally, emotionally, practically and financially!


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Digital Marketing training

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