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Click Engage Convert will be held for the second time on 10-11 October 2019 in Melbourne and judging by the feedback from last year’s event (and the improvements we have since made), Click Engage Convert 2019 will be the must attend event of the year for digital marketers and business owners looking to take their businesses to the next level.

In case you need more convincing, here’s a list of the top 8 reasons why you should join us at Click Engage Convert this year.

1. No need for expensive international travel

Click Engage Convert was born out of a desire to have a quality digital marketing and social media marketing conference in Australia. 

It’s commonplace for Australian digital marketers to travel overseas to learn from and network with the world’s leading experts. The benefits of doing so can be amazing!

But when you add up the cost of the ticket, travel, accommodation and time away from your business and family, the return on investment can sometimes be questionable.

Click Engage Convert gives you access to a world class digital marketing conference without the expensive international travel, jet lag or time away from your family and business. 🙂

2. Our presenters are relatable small business owners who are walking the talk!

It’s frustrating when you attend events where the presenters are merely spouting out the theory they have learnt from others, with no experience creating the level of results they are claiming possible. Or maybe they built a personal brand online and then used that platform to launch their business. It’s hard to relate to those stories when you already have a business and it’s the brand of that business that you are trying to build. 

You will get so much more value learning from people who walk-the-talk and have not only achieved business success using the strategies, tactics and tools they teach, but have also been able to replicate their results time and time again or across multiple businesses and different industries. The proof is in the pudding after all.

That’s why we hand pick speakers who don’t just present untested theories, they are actually doing what they teach themselves and achieving exceptional results.

Every single expert that graces the stage at Click Engage Convert is a digital marketing business building rockstar in their own right – you are in for a serious treat, we promise!

Steve Sammartino

Loren Bartley

Ben Amos

Kate Toon

Omar Zenhom

Jesskia Phillips

Suze Chadwick

James Tuckerman

Sasha Peakall

Jeremiah Sarkett

Nicole Baldinu

Dan Pinne

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3. Practical takeaways you can implement immediately and get results

We understand that your time is valuable and we don’t want to waste it. If you are giving us a full day (or two) of your time, then we want to make sure that you will leave with loads of practical takeaways you can actually implement, not lofty ideas and inspiration without substance.

The program has been mindfully crafted and is jam packed full of practical strategies, tactics and tools that you can implement immediately and start achieving measurable results.

PLUS, you’ll get a seamless learning experience, from one speaker to the next, that is all wrapped up in our “Digital Marketing Wrap” at the end of the day – not a whole heap of random and conflicting theories thrown together without much thought.

The entire event is focused on amplifying the ROI you are able to achieve from your marketing spend by learning the digital marketing strategies that are working right now (and will hold you in good stead for the future), direct from world class speakers, with genuine hands-on expertise.

We want you to be able to turn your digital marketing into a reliable and predictable revenue generating machine for your business or the businesses of your clients.

Join us at Click Engage Convert – your business will thank you!

4. Click Engage Convert is a ‘pitch free’ event

If you’ve ever been to an event that is light on content and heavy on sales pitches (in every single presentation), then you know what we mean by this.

It’s usually the low-cost events that lure you into the room with big promises and it’s not until you get there that you realise that all the best content is reserved for those people who sign up for their high priced product that they don’t stop talking about all day. 


Our speakers have all agreed to give high-value, zero-pitch presentations. There will be no “back-of-the-room” limited time discount specials that you will be pressured into signing up for on the day.

Don’t be fooled by the relative low cost of our ticket compared to several other digital marketing events. At Click Engage Convert there is ZERO pitching, just high-value content at a reasonable cost.

You are going to love it!

5. It’s going to be loads of fun rubbing shoulders with Australia’s best digital marketers

We understand that most people come to events like this for the content, but that’s not what makes them return. They come back because of the people and the opportunities to make connections.

That’s because getting together with like-minded digital marketers that you can bounce ideas off in person is priceless!

We have designed this conference with networking in mind, including a networking event the night before and immediately after the conference, allowing you to connect and share ideas with other digital marketing professionals and experts in a fun and engaging environment.

And our speakers are super accessible throughout the event, not hidden away in a VIP room that you have to pay more to access. 🙂  

6. We’ve picked the best location

Click Engage Convert will be held in Melbourne, the world’s (second) most liveable city!

The conference will be held at nab, 700 Bourke St, Melbourne. It’s pretty much right on top of Southern Cross Station (on the Concourse) and next door to Marvel Stadium – you can’t get much more central than that!

But more importantly – it’s Melbourne!

We have the best coffee, laneways cafes, art, culture and rooftop bars. Our event is on a Thursday and Friday, making it the perfect excuse for a long weekend in the world’s most liveable city (we don’t care about the actual vote, we’ll always be number one).

If you need help working out your itinerary, check out what’s on in Melbourne around the time of Click Engage Convert.  

We’ve even made it easy for you to find your way there, with our handy travel and accommodation info page.


The conference on Day 1 will be held in “The Arena”, which is an impressive amphitheatre with an impressive stage to ceiling screen and state of the art audio-visual equipment, meaning you will have the best seat in the house no matter where you sit. 

Our workshops on Day 2 will be in “The Hall”, which is a beautiful room. The room will be laid out in and intimate round table seating making it easy to meet people and super comfortable for working on your laptop and implementing what you learn immediately. We just hope you won’t be too distracted by the amazing views of Melbourne’s city skyline.

Plus we have an awesome deal with Quest Docklands, our accommodation partner, that is less than 200m (stumbling distance) from the event in case you don’t feel like driving after our parties the night before or after the event.

7. We know how to run quality events!

Click Engage Convert might only be in its second year, but the Impactiv8 team (who manage Click Engage Convert) have been involved with and running conferences and other world class events, both within Australia an overseas, for many years.

Conference experience includes being part of the Social Media Marketing World team, creating and managing the World Class Coaching Conference in the UK and managing the digital marketing for the National Sports Convention and Record Store Day Australia, giving us a great insight and understanding of what goes into creating exceptional events.

We know how to pull out all of the stops!

8. We’ve got gifts for you!

We have some amazing sponsors and they are standing by ready to shower you with gifts that are worth more than the price of your ticket, which means that purchasing a ticket is a bit of a no brainer for the value you will get in return.

We will also have an Engagement Zone in “The Hall” on Day 1 of the event, where you can meet with our event sponsors and discover the special offers they have exclusive for Click Engage Convert delegates.

We will have several prizes up for grabs across the two days, including our Social Media Championships, where you will have a chance to share in approximately AUD$3,949 worth of prizes!!!

So grab your ticket now to lock in the best possible price.

We look forward to seeing you there. 🙂

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